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Polopoly will be shut down December 15, 2023. Existing pages will have to be moved before or will be removed at that date. Empolyees may read more at FAQ Polopoly Avveckling

Resource Archive

Name Size Date modified
File EXCEL Sweden Time Multiple Sheets II.xlsx 102 KB 2016-07-03
EXCEL Sweden multiple time sheets I
File EXCEL Sweden example Time Multiple Sheets.xls 222 KB 2016-07-03
EXCEL demo Sweden multiple times
File EXCEL Sweden example Time Dependent Data.xls 145 KB 2016-07-03
EXCEL Sverige kommuner multi times
File EXCEL Sweden example Single Time.xls 53 KB 2016-07-03
EXCEL Sverige kommuner single time
Folder Data   
Folder Stories   
List of available stories for eXplorer applications. These stories can be imported to MDim, World, Europe and Sverige. The first name indicates WHICH eXplorer version that can load the story.
Folder Pictures and Presentations   
PPT presentations and high resolution figures
Folder Manuals and Descriptions   
Available manuals and other documentations related to application software available at NCVA
Folder Logotypes   
Folder Publications   
Scientific papers and articles available from NCVA
Folder Animations   

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