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File Europe eXplorer Karta NUTS2 Techn vs BNP II.png 679 KB 2016-06-01
NUTS2 Regions EU Education vs GDP
File Storytelling World When-What-Why-Where.png 744 KB 2016-01-16
File VINNOVA variant på world storytelling med svensk text.png 445 KB 2015-11-23
File World Storytelling 4 Ws.png 907 KB 2015-11-23
When-What-Where-Why i World eXplorer
File World eXplorer Ageing population 2014.png 997 KB 2015-11-23
World eXplorer ageing population 2014
File When-Why-What-Where slide.png 1058 KB 2015-11-23
When-What-Where-Why i Storytelling
File Research and Entrepreneurship 1971-2015.pdf 5847 KB 2015-03-20
Research and entrepreneurship 1971-2015
File storyeditorexp.png 293 KB 2015-03-05
File Datacantellusstories-EnricoGiovanniniI-STAT-Italy.ppt 3012 KB 2015-03-05
File GAV Flash Applikationer.png 3175 KB 2015-02-24
Example of NCVA research projects
File Geovisual Analytics.png 1291 KB 2015-02-24
Geovisual Analytics Concept Slide
File Linkoping febr 2015 - 33-listan.pdf 3800 KB 2015-02-03
33-Listan Linkoping 2015
File OECD eXplorer TL2 Regions - ageing population in Europe.png 538 KB 2014-03-27
File OECD eXplorer TL2 Regions - ageing population in Europe II.png 560 KB 2014-03-27
File Introduction to Information Visualization and Geovisual Analytics 2014.pdf 9181 KB 2014-03-26
Introduction to InfoVis and Geovisual Analytics
File wizard-howto.png 131 KB 2010-02-23
Open Wizard Diagram
File Dynamic Motion Graphs.png 2166 KB 2010-02-24
File Storytelling Method.png 530 KB 2010-02-24
Storytelling method diagram
File OECD EU Topology Circles GDP per capita vs unemployment II.png 975 KB 2010-02-24
OECD Typology with population growth rate
File OECD EU Ageing Pop 1990-2008 Storytelling.png 845 KB 2010-02-24
OECD EU Ageing population storytelling dialog
File Storytelling Loop II.png 910 KB 2010-03-05
The Storytelling Loop
File Från världskartan till Linköping Kommun II.png 323 KB 2010-02-24
World to municipality, enderly population
File Ageing world population to Sweden.png 1141 KB 2010-02-24
World to country, an ageing population
File eXplorer data flow.png 386 KB 2010-02-24
eXplorer data flow
File OECD eXplorer 65+ with seven correlated indicators.png 549 KB 2010-02-24
OECD eXplorer with seven correlated indicators

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