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Collaboration NCVA and Statistics Sweden

Statistics Sweden (SCB) has been a research partner to NCVA since 2004 providing statistical data, knowhow and professional evaluation. Many research papers has been published by NCVA based on experience from this collaboration.  Some papers are also published by SCB alone and some are jointed papers. See more details below.

In 2010/2011 Statistics Sweden started implementing Statistics eXplorer on their own website and now provides a Statistics Atlas http://www.scb.se/statistikatlasen/with municipality statistics covering a number of subject matter areas. The Statistics Atlas contains of both the eXplorer tool and ready analyses published as Vislets directly on the webpage. As these analyses are made by subject matter experts in Statistics Sweden, they also may serve as inspiration also for municipalities in their own analyzing work.

Demonstrator available: http://www.scb.se/statistikatlasen/


SCB åldrande befolkning

Figure: SCB's Statistical Atlas with tree linked and coordinated views (map, scatter (bubble) plot and fish eye ar chart) showing Ageing population (age group 65+) in Swedish municipality regions during 1968 to 2011. 4 municipalities (Knivsta, Umeå, Simrishamn and Umeå) are highlighted in each view. The storytelling panel gives an explanation background written by a SCB statistical expert.  Klick on the web site a start exploring the data:  http://www.scb.se/Kartor/Statistikatlas_42_KN_201205_English/index.html#story=0


The SCB Statistical Atlas is a thematic atlas for interactive visualisation of regional statistics.

The Statistical Atlas shows several different views that are all interrelated. Among other things, these views include maps, tables, bubble charts and bar graphs. It is possible to animate time series to see development over time. Interactivity allows you to freely select the statistical variables that are available in the Statistical Atlas and analyse them in different views.

The Statistical Atlas also includes short analyses of the statistics in the form of  descriptive texts known here as stories.

An elderly English version of the Statistical Atlas is available, and includes a selection of population statistics. The Swedish version of the Statistical Atlas includes statistics within several subject areas. There are also Swedish versions of the Statistical Atlas with other regional breakdowns, counties and election districts.
Experienced users can download their own statistics in the Statistical Atlas, conduct their own analyses and create their own stories.

Users can conveniently supplement the contents of the Statistical Atlas by making their own retrievals of regionally broken down data from the Statistical Database on Statistics Sweden's website. You can download px files from the Statistical Database, a format that can be uploaded directly into the Statistical Atlas.

text Figure: An interactive Vislet produced with SCB's Statistik Atlas (a Sverige eXplorer application).


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