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Geovisual Analytics Map Layers applied to two data sources

A Collaboration between Region Västra Götaland Sweden and NCVA

Dual eXplorer is a specially customized eXplorer application based on our GAV Flash toolkit and framework for visualizing and sharing a combination of point- and regional data. Point data, for example an industry location (data instances which includes X- and Y-coordinates), is placed on an interactive map component on top of a background map and a colour scale based on regional data. This research project was a collaboration between NCVA/NComVA and Region Västra Götaland. Read more:


Dual eXplorer Map layers

Figure: Example of an eXplorer application "Dual eXplorer" using two data sources 1) geographical point data - company statistics 2) regional geographical data -municipality statistics

The heart of our map eXplorer component is a map base class which contains no visual parts at all but controls everything needed to display something within its context. It creates transformations to deal with projections and keeps track of the user's input as he or she zooms or pans. The visual parts are created in layers, for example, a polygon layer for coloured regions, a highlighted border layer for selected regions, and a glyph layer for region data. By making the map independent of its layers, we can combine them in many different ways or create new layers as long as they adhere to the basic principles of the map. For example, to make it easier for the user to work with geographic regions, a map layer which allows the user to use online maps such as Google map, Bing map, or OpenStreetMap is developed and added into the map component as a background map layer. Based on this approach, map layers can be easily added into or removed from the map component.

Dual eXplorer also utilize the eXplorer storytelling technique which allows collaboration of discoveries and gained knowledge to be shared with others.

To learn more about this Demonstrator, you can read a user guide and test the Dual eXplorer Demonstrator:




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