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Sverige eXplorer

Sverige eXplorer facilitates methods for exploring regional Swedish statistics (290 municipalities (kommuner)) that can uncover hidden structures and relations and let the analyst present her findings through storytelling. The combination of Sverige eXplorer (explore, gain insight and knowledge) for the analyst and embedded Storytelling represents the tool for an integrated statistics visual analysis and collaboration process. 

Load NEW Sverige eXplorer Flash application:


or use Sverige eXplorer at Statistics Sweden (SCB) Statistikatlashttp://www.scb.se/statistikatlasen/


Sverige eXplorer

Figure:  "Högutbildad befolkning 1969-2014)" - Sverige eXplorer view Swedish statistics municipality (kommun) data through three linked and coordinated views. We see the dark red areas with a highly educated population mostly concentrated to university or large cities.







Sverige eXplorer includes a collection of interactive visual methods from Information and Geographical visualization (Geovisual Analytics)  specially adapted and customized to the behaviour and requirement of large multidimensional and spatio-temporal data.  Interactive features necessary to support a geovisual analytics exploration process includes tooltips, brushing, highlight, visual inquiry, drill down and dynamic indicator filter mechanisms for detecting outliers.

In order to detect complex patterns it is also convenient to view statistics data through a number of different visual representations simultaneously, each of which is best suited to highlight different features. The linked views are coordinated. Any filtering, highlighting or colouring made in one of the linked views is transmitted to all the others.

Sverige eXplorer supports dynamic visual inquiries such as filtering out uninteresting regions reducing the statistics data set to a smaller and more manageable size. Each indicator is represented by a pair of range sliders which define the min and max range for the query area. The range of an indicator can be specified by “dragging” the handles. Regions with values for a selected indicator, that fall outside of the spec­ified range, are filtered out. A combination of range slider movements can be used to dynamically formulate a more complex visual inquiry. These visual conditions and constraints will immediately re­flect the visual contents in all linked views. 



Sverige eXplorer EXCEL Data format

Sverige eXplorer family can load an EXCEL file directly, given that the data is structured according to one of the available formats below. This allows you to quickly get a visualization of your own Swedish kommun data, with a minimum of pre-processing. For Sverige eXplorer to show the Swedish map properly, data has to be identified using the correct set of kommun codes. 


Sverige eXplorer EXCEL


Kommunkod, kommunnamn, variables in columns

Notice that you must write 0114 including the 0.But recommend that you use the preloaded EXCEL sheets given below


Kommunkod, kommunnamn, variables in columns and time on second row





kommunkod,kommunnamn, variables in colums and time given in sheets



kommunkod, kommunnamn, time in columns and variables in sheets





Available on-line data Excel documentation:






Storytelling with Sverige eXplorer

Storytelling, in Sverige eXplorer, is about telling a story on selected counties (kommuner) and the related analytics reasoning processes on how statistical knowledge was obtained. Our storytelling implementation is based around three complementary characteristics: explore and gain insight, tell-a-story and publish a "Vislet" :

  • Data provider: Import data from Unicode, PC-Axis, Excel or Unicode txt files.
  • Authoring: Explore and gain insight, motion visual representations in a creative discovery process.
  • Tell-a-story: Storytelling tools are integrated into the geovisual analytics process transforming statistical data into knowledge. The snapshot mechanism helps the author to highlight data views of particular interest, and guide others to important visual discoveries. Collaborative stories support a shared understanding with other statisticians and, after consensus has been reached placed in the public domain. When you are satisfied with the Story, i.e. visualizations, data, chapters, storytext, snapshots and metadata you must save your Story file as an XML file on your computer.
  • Statistics Publisher Portal: Import Story, select layout and visual representations, and create the HTML5 code for embeddable interactive motion visualization and finally publish on a web site or blog Vislet". https://mitweb.itn.liu.se/geovis/portal/#login


Sverige Storytelling Loop












Sverige eXplorer Vislet

The interactive Vislet below embedded into this web site was produced from a Sverige eXplorer Story, saved on a local, imported into our Statistics Publisher Portal (views are setup), HTML5 code is created and embedded into your own web site. Zoom in on the map with (-) or (+) or use scroll with mouse - click on your region and see the coordination with the two other views. 




This Vislet was produced with Sverige eXplorer and then published in the above blog. The Vislet is loaded with variables (Inpendlare, Utpendlare, Befolkning Totalt, Befolkning 0-14 år, Befolkning 15-64 år, Befolkning 65+ år, Befolknings index, Utrikes födda, Utländsk bakgrund, Medelinkomst, Högutbildade) from Swedish municipalities for 2015.

Open the Blog and start by clicking on the red bold text (representing snapshots) in the story.



Demonstrator Företagsklimat (company climate)


Figure: Swedish company climate at municipality level shown in three coordinated views. The top Swedish municipalities are shown in dark blue colour. You can see the names in both scatter plot and fish eye bar chart. Click on the link below:


Or see this interactive Vislet (published Story) embedded into this web site visualizing Swedish Company Climate for individual municipalities.


Download the story (XML format): Storytelling företagsklimat-och-högutbildade för Kommuner.xml

Save this XML file and Import the Story into Sverige eXplorer and have access to this municipality company statistics data.

Sverige eXplorer facilitates methods for exploring regional statistics (Swedish counties and municipalities) that can uncover hidden structures and relations and let the analyst present her findings through storytelling to a broad audience. The combination of Sverige eXplorer (explore, gain insight and knowledge) for the analyst and embedded Storytelling represents the tool for an integrated statistics analysis and collaboration process.






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