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Figure: Statistikatlasen from Statistics Sweden SCB shows time animation 1990-2014 based on the indicator "elderly population 65+" for 290 municipalities, here based on three coordinated and linked views the Choropleth map, Scatter Plot and Time Graph. The coloured indicator is “Age 65+”, vertical axis represents "Age 0-14" and horisontal axis "age 65+" . Several municipalities are highlighted in all views. Insights discovered about the 65+ rate across Swedish municipalities are captured and saved together with relevant metadata (Storytelling). 

Statistikatlas eXplorer is an interactive tool for analyzing and communicating gained insights and discoveries about spatial-temporal and multivariate regional statistical data based on the 290 Swedish municipalities and Swedish Counties. These statistics data sources are a potential treasure chest for policy-makers, researchers and citizens to gain a better understanding of a municipality’s structure and performance and to carry out analysis of territorial trends and disparities based on sound information comparable across Sweden. Statistikatlas eXplorer supports a broad collection of methods for analysis and validation, hypothesis generation, communicating and finally collaborating gained insights and knowledge based on a storytelling mechanism that captures, re-uses and shares task-related explorative events.

Users can conveniently supplement the contents of the Statisticalatlas by making their own retrievals of regionally broken down data from the Statistical Database on Statistics Sweden's website. You can download px files from the Statistical Database, a format that can be uploaded directly into the Statistical Atlas.

Statistikatlas eXplorer facilitates exploring and analysing regional municipality statistics, using a very interactive interface that combines maps with other visual presentations for selecting the groups of regions of interest to the user Statistikatlas includes:

  • Presents a selection of SCB municipality statistics with interactive maps;
  • Offers the possibility to explore trends over time (time animation);
  • Allows to view the structure of regional demographics and economic indicators through a scatterplot, histogram (table lens) and a parallel coordinate panel;
  • Provides novel functions for presenting stories about the statistics embedded with interactive visualization;
  • Features the possibility to load and explore your own municipality data, write your own stories and share them with others;


The development of Statistikatlas eXplorer is the result of a fruitful cooperation between Statistics Sweden (SCB) and the National Centre for Visual Analytics. The first version  was made available already in 2008 on the SCB website. Since then, NCVA has worked intensively on improving the tool and this new version has been greatly enhanced to meet demands expressed by SCB and its users. Lastest version is available at: http://www.scb.se/statistikatlasen/


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