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National Center for Visual Analytics

mikael pionjär

National Center for Visual Analytics (NCVA) is a Swedish national resource funded in 2007 with financial support from the Swedish Knowledge Foundation's (KK-Stiftelsen) Visualization ProgramVINNOVA and our industrial and government research partners (see below).


Concept and Idea

The large and ever-increasing amounts of multi-dimensional, multi-source, time-varying digital information represent a major challenge. The need to analyze and make decisions based on these information streams, often in time-critical situations, demands integrated, automatic and sophisticated interactive tools that aid the user to manage, process visualize and interact with large information spaces. This approach has been encapsulated in the idea of Visual Analytics, defined as the science of analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interfaces and creative visualization.


The overall objective of NCVA is to promote Geovisual Analytics in particular but also the more general Visual Analytics in Sweden. To this end we must make sure that industry, public sector and education is not left behind in this rapid evolution and can keep up with the international development and competition. In various applied research projects innovative Geovisual Analytics techniques will be developed and used to build prototype visualization applications that provide managers, analysts and experts in industry, public services and academia, with novel visual decision-making tools.

"Our mission is to develop, enhance and transfer the most advanced methods, tools and applications in Geovisual Analytics and Storytelling, discuss problems and possible approaches to solving them, and define appropriate directions for further research"

We do applied research in Geovisual Analytics and develop associate tools

Geovisual Analytics


Figure: Geovisual Analytics comprises several research topics including information visualization, geographical visualization, perceptual science and storytelling etc.

NCVA collaborates with statistical organisations including SCB Statistics Sweden, OECD Paris, Eurostat, Norrköping Kommun, Linkoping Kommun, Göteborg Stad but also industrial Ericsson research Linkoping and Unilever Port Sunlight and Swedish SMHI Norrköping, and several European universities. Our visualization tools help these organizations to provide knowledge and advanced decision-making information and aims to contribute to increased social benefit and a sustainable society.




VINNOVA"En forskargrupp på Linköpings universitet har i samarbete med bl.a. OECD, SCB, SKL, Danmark Statistik och Göteborg Stad utvecklat revolutionerande interaktiva "berättande" visuella metoder (storytelling) som enkelt kan publiceras i media som bloggar eller integreras i Web sidor och spridas till miljoner läsare genom bl.a. en annan samarbetspartner engelska tidningen Economist. Istället för en statisk bild så publiceras interaktiva bilder tillsammans med en förklarande text. Läsaren kan också själv interagera med visualiseringen och därmed kanske bättre förstå hur författaren har tänkt. Forskningsprojektet som bl.a. finansierats genom KK-stiftelsens visualiseringsprogram har vid flera utvärderingar demonstrerat en världsledande teknologi"


NCVA Research projects

Figure: Examples of Geovisual Analytics applications produced in collaboration with partners.



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