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VINNOVA Stockholm mars 2014

Mars 2014 - Mikael talar på VINNOVA konferens i Stockholm.

Presenterar forskningsresultat på NCVA baserat på VINNOVA's ekonomiska stöd. Se och lyssna på denna presentation:

VINNOVA konferens Stockholm 12 mars 2014.mp4



Patrik Lundblad and Quan Ho present their dissertations and receive PhD degrees.

Quan Ho, "Architecture and Applications of a geovisual Analytics Framework", Linköping Studies in Science and Technology. Dissertations, No. 1511, 2013.


Patrik Lundblad, " Applied Geovisual Analytics and Storytelling",  Linköping Studies in Science and Technology. Dissertations, No. 1515, 2013.



Aug 2013 - NCVA will continue to develop its web site focusing on Educating students and researchers in Geovisual Analytics


NComVA purchased by QlikTech Lund in May 2013




Statistikvisualisering ett av det hetaste i Sverige!



April2013 placeras spin-off företaget NComVA på 33-listan "Sveriges mest innovativa företag" som utses gemensamt av Affärsvärlden och Ny Teknik.


Patrik Lundblad, Tobias Åström och Christoffer Carlsson tar emot priset i Stockholm










NComVA tecknar corporate licensavtal i november 2012 med EUROSTAT


NComVA - the spin-off company of NCVA wins Rookie award November 2011


rookie award 2011














NCVA publishes an article about GAV Flash in SAGE Journal Information Visualization 

Quan H, Lundblad P, Åström T, and Jern M, “A web-enabled visualization toolkit for geovisual analytics”. Journal Information Visualization. Published online before print November 9, 2011, doi: 10.1177/147387161142587

A Web-Enabled Visualization Toolkit for Geovisual Analytics SPIE Paper Jan 2011.pdf


NCVA speaks at Spatial Thinking and Geografic Information Sciences in Tokyo, Japan.


We present our work on visualizing flow data through out Flow Map eXplorer project.

Read full paper at: Flow Map - STGIS - Paper.pdf

Slides can be downloaded here: Slides

See Flow Map demonstrator at: World Trading 1988-2008 Demonstrator.mp4


NCVA is awarded research funding for applying Statistics eXplorer and storytelling to Education


Young students with Sweden eXplorer

NCVA is awarded 1,9 million kronor from Stiftelsen Marcus och Amalia Wallenbergs Minnesfond in collaboration with ISV for the educational project Visuell Storytelling, Kunskap och förståelse i Skolan. We want to introduce geovisual analytics applied in social science to statistics data – to help and engage educators to communicate progress initiatives, measuring economic, social, educational, health and environmental developments to young students.

The project name is VISE "Visual Storytelling in Education" or "Visual Storytelling - Knowledge and Undestanding in Schools"

Read more about this research project at VISE home page http://ncva.itn.liu.se/vise





 Prof. Mikael Jern NCVA is invited speaker at

 Europe 2020 Conference Brussels



















Europe 2020 Conference




















 VDA 2011 San Francisco


The paper was awarded BEST PAPER!!


Quan van Ho will present our joined paper about GAV Flash framework at VDA 2011 in San Francisco 

"A web-enabled toolkit for Visual Analytics"








In May 2010 - NComVA becomes a commercial spin-off company from NCVA

NCVA creates a Spin-off company NComVA http://www.lead.se/SearchResult?q=ncomva Norrköping Communicative Visual Analytics to more efficient support commercial users of NCVA technology and to provide longer term commitment. NComVA is located at Norrköping Science Park and belongs to the companies that are coached by LEAD incubator.


The Economist is using Statistics eXplorer  novel Storytelling technique for time animated news on their web site

the economist eXplorer


NCVA introduces dynamic visualization for official statistics in digital media based on richer and more dynamic web application user interfaces and its increasing role in worldwidedissemination such as international comparisons of economies and societies and here applied by the Economist.









ERSA Conference

ERSA international conference in Jönköping 19-23rd August 2010.

Prof Mikael Jern and Monica Brezzi OECD present their joined paper “Narrating regions: New Storytelling technique helps increasing people’s analysis and information sharing”.




NCVA speaks at Spatial Thinking and Geografic Information Sciences in Tokyo, Japan.

We present our work on visualizing flow data through out Flow Map eXplorer project.

Read full paper at: Flow Map - STGIS - Paper.pdf

Slides can be downloaded here: Slides

See Flow Map demonstrator at: World Trading 1988-2008 Demonstrator.mp4

Prof Mikael Jern gives a keynote lecture at IV10.

London IV10

The Information Visualization IV10 conference, sponsored by NCVA, will this year be held in London. NCVA recommends researchers interested in InfoVis, GeoVis and Geovisual Analytics and other related topics to send in papers for review and attend the conference. NCVA is responsible for the domain Geovisual Analytics.





CSEDU 2010




Prof. Jern presents his paper "Collaborative EDucational Geoanalytics" applied to large statistics temporal data"   AGILE 2010   



 INTED 2010    Educating teenagers in Official Statistics, Stenliden and Jern 

 Read more about the VAST (Visual Analytics) conference here:


NCVA is responsible for the symposia Geovisual Analytics. Patrik, Sara and Mikael are presenting papers at IV09. The papers are based on collaboration between NCVA and our partners SMHI and Unilever. Read more about Mikael's presentation here

Invited speaker Mikael Jern presented NCVA's implementations and strategy for the Global Project "Measuring the quality of life" and also called "Wiki4Progress", where NCVA is an associate partner.




An area paper in Geo-Spatial Visualization was presented in collaboration with OECD at Eurographics Munchen in March: " web-enabled Geovisual Analytics tool applied to OECD Regional Data", Michael Jern (Linköping University), Monica Brezzi and Lars Thygesen (OECD Paris)

See program here

paper available from Eurographics here



Vårdgalan 2008 Stockholm December 3

Geovisual Analytics – ett visuellt redskap för att analysera och kommunicera globala och regionala data inom hälsa och vård
Mikael Jern, professor vid NVCA, nationellt centrum för visualiseringsanalys, beskriver de nya verktygen som ger helt nya möjligheter att kommunicera kunskap och tolka data.

5th Internation Conference on Cooperative design, Visualization and Engineering - Palma, Mallorca, Sept 2008

Collaborative explorative data analysis applied in HTML, Jern Mikael; NCVA Linköping University Sweden


OECD joins the NCVA consortium as partner - Paris, Aug 2008

GI4DM 2008

GI4DM Conference on Geo-Information Systems for Crisis Management - Harbin, China Aug 2008)

Geovisual Analytics applied to a Swedish Road warning prediction system, Patrik Lundblad; Jern Mikael; NCVA Linköping University Sweden

RIVF '08 IEEE INternational Conference on Research, Innovation and Vuision for the Future - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam July 2008

Explorative 3D Geovisual Analytics, Ho Quan; Jern Mikael; NCVA Linköping University Sweden

Innovative Approaches to Turning Statistics into Knowledge - SCB and OECD, Stockholm, May 2008

Link to the powerpoint presentation http://www.oecd.org/site/worldforum06/40030863.pdf

Information Visualization IV08, London July 2008

Link to IV08 Conference.

Ebad Banissi (IV organizer), Robert Spence and Mikael Jern at IV08 conference in London.



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